"Songs of the madmen" by Georges Luneau - Full documentary with English subtitles of "Le chant des fous"

The term "mad" here refers to those inspired and wandering musicians of Bengal, those "mad God" known as Baül. The word baul derives from the Sanskrit word "vatul" which means "mad", in the sense it connotes a more or less frenetic behavior. But if the Baül is a musician, he is at least as much, if not more so, a mystic : one becomes Baül only at the cost of a long musical and spiritual initiation under the guidance of a guru. The Baul are strange people, especially in their manners, customs and practices. Though belonging indifferently to the Hindu (tantric) or Muslim (soufi) religion, the Baul refuse to be guided by any social or religious convention whatsoever. Freedom of thought is their only guide and they refuse any religious system.

 "Le chant des fous, English subtitles ». 

"Songs of the madmen, English subtitles ». 

 "Songs of the madmen" is a film made by Georges Luneau.

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